for Etsy - on Oct 20, 2017

Knitting for petite blythe.

All items were sold out and the sale ended. I'm sorry, I don't accept personal orders.



● 鹿の子編みワンピース:Moss Stitch dress:各¥1,200-

● ボーダーワンピース:stripes dress:各¥1,200-

● セーター:sweater:各¥1,100~1,200-

● 3点セット:three piece outfit set:¥2,400~2,600-

● 襟付きカーディガン:cardigan with collar:各¥1,300-

● もじゃもじゃワンピセット:loop yarn matching dress set:¥2,600-

● ハート刺繍入りジャケット:jacket with little heart:各¥1,400-

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